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Condell Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Room
Bubble Tube Installation –
view movie6 Feet Tall Acrylic Bubble Tube
Surrounded By Customized Seating


This long lead time project was presented to Oceanariums Design Team in November 2007 for an installation date of Spring 2009.  The designer had an idea of including a very large Bubble Tube in the center of the Pediatric Emergency room, surrounded by a customized seating area.  Perry Wright, V.P., Design and Engineering of Oceanariums designed a 2 feet in diameter and 6 feet tall Acrylic Bubble Tube, set on a stand with quiet air pumps and air diffusers for large bubbles.  Added to the project was a convenient remote controller for the variable colors of the installed High Brightness LED Lights to create a continuing, changing array of colors. 
Hospitals and Medical Facilities are continuing to turn to the movement of water for the calming effects they impart.  The enclosed Bubble Tubes and Bubble Walls offer the Hospitals and Medical Facilities a very clean alternative to open waterfalls.  The absence of contamination and odor inherent in open water plus the energy saving cost effectiveness of LED Lights and the flexibility of colors make Bubble Walls and Bubble Tubes easy choices.
Architect Firm:  Anderson Mikos Architects, Ltd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Construction Firm: Pepper Construction, Tinley Park, IL 
Application:  Bubble Tube

  • Clear acrylic tube 24 inches dia. x ½ inch wall x 71 ½ inches tall with acrylic base 24 inches dia. x ½ inch thick.
  • Clear acrylic lid with handle, 24 inches dia. x 1/2inch thick (not including handle).
  • Stand, 10 inches tall x 24 inches dia.
  • Weight empty 275 lbs, weight full 1250 lbs.
  • 4 e/a large bubble air diffuser, 3 inches dia.
  • RGB High Brightness LED with Wireless Remote Control, 12 VAC, 3 Watt.
  • 120 VAC to 12 VDC transformer.
  • Up to 4 e/a quiet air pumps, 120 VAC, 20 Watt, 0.7 ft3 / min e/a, or equivalent single air pump and manifold.

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Oceanariums attends Exhibit Industry Trade Show

Always a well-attended trade show and conference, Perry Wright and T. Wright attended the 20th anniversary of The Exhibitor Show at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, in mid-March.  During the walking the show floor they met many clients that are in the business of designing and building exhibit booths for their customers – and so they were very glad to hear of Oceanariums’ Bubble Walls and Bubble Tubes and their latest products:  LED Lit Signage backed with a Bubble Wall.  This product shows action with the movement of bubbles and changing color, which will always capture the attention of a trade show attendee.  The added value of a Logo lit with LEDs would enhance a booth’s design tremendously.  For an example, please see the photo of a Bubble Wall + Logo Lit Signage recently installed in the reception area of the corporate office for Teledyne – ODI.


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